K Grip Golf Grip

K  Grip Golf Grip

Why Choose the “K Grip” Golf Grip

With K Grip, your hand placement on the golf club does not change, your left arm is square to the target naturally as you are slightly open to the target.

  • Super simple golf
  • Oval shape for a natural hand grip to maximize feel and awareness
  • Patented latest golf grip
  • USGA conformity for putter use
  • Training aid for golfers
  • It’s not you, it’s the grip

Revolutionise Your Golf Swing

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Why buy K Grip?

Golfers get a more consistent game of golf and your game will change dramatically.

The nature of the patented K Grip Golf Grip was inspired and taken from the game of hurling to increase and grow golf, with all its control, definition, power, and accuracy applied to the science of golf resulting in a natural game and stress-free. The K Grip feels right in the human hand to suit the distal and medial phalanges of the hand and gave instant results.

“I’ve been searching for a grip like this for a while, fantastic results that lower my score every time”. Thanks kgrip

Steven O’Shea

“This grip is like having a hurley in my hand and can’t miss when I practice on the fairway and in competitions on the green.”

Jason Meehan