K Grip FAQs

K Grip Golf Grip

K Grip FAQs

Why use K Grip?
You get a more consistent game of golf and your game will change dramatically.

Can I use it professionally?

Will this golf grip improve my awareness?
Yes. The K Grip golf grip offers an oval shape for simplicity and an optimum feel.

Is K Grip rigid and shock absorbent?
Yes with a high-strength rubber that will not flex.

Will K Grip fit my clubs or putter?
Yes, the inside rubber sleeve will fit all golf clubs and putters.

How is the K Grip fitted correctly?
The edge of the grip is aligned with the club or putter face or being parallel to, meaning the flat side sits in the palms of the hands.

Do I set up square to the target?
Yes. Slightly open to the target works best as you have a natural inside to out-swing.