K Grip Benefits

Benefits of the K Grip Golf Grip

  • Super simple golf
  • Oval shape for a natural hand grip to maximize feel and awareness
  • Patented latest golf grip
  • USGA conformity for putter use
  • Training aid for golfers
  • It’s not you, it’s the grip

K Grip delivers accuracy and consistency that no other golf grip can offer.

Every shot is created naturally from the inside to the out swing pattern. The K Grip is designed for both your short and long game due to its deliberate design.

Golf – A sport you must check yourself off first before you make a shot, standing in one spot, checking your grip, stance etc., and being square to the target golf tells you how to play your game. In golf you have all the time you need, standing still, and can not make the same shot twice or find it difficult to repeat the same shot, even the best do this so please do not feel bad it’s not your fault.

As the body has a natural swing from inside to out, with the K Grip on your side you can play your game of golf. If you conform to the circular grip in golf you set yourself up for inconsistency If you wish to take control of your game please choose a natural game with the K Grip and try it for yourself, you deserve a good enjoyable game. With reviews that are supporting this to benefit the game greatly, I think this may be the way forward for golfing numbers to grow and have the golfing community experience a new game.

“Love this putter grip and never changing again. It’s totally different and suits my hands perfectly, my wrists are locked and loaded.”

James O’Brien, Avid golfer

“My consistency is so much better and I feel more comfortable, with more definition in my swing. Thank kgrip.”

John Houlighan

K Grip Conformity

I am taking no credit for patenting this product as the K Grip is simple science applied to golf and I am shocked to find golf itself has not changed or has not caught on to this so far.

The K Grip so far is only conforming to be ruled as putter use. Therefore can be played in professional tours and competitions. However, I expect the golfing community to express their values in the grip by using it for their game however they feel, be it irons, woods or putters.